Allow Yourself to Be Awakened

Teachings from This Moment Is Your Miracle

When we were growing up, nobody talked to us about allowing our emotions to come up. No one gave us permission to be truly open and vulnerable and give ourselves the allowance to be in touch with our feelings.

We were taught how to take care of ourselves, how to survive, how to be more successful, how to become the best, etc. while it is only through an allowance of letting your emotions and thoughts up that you can be carried beyond what you are thinking and perceiving.

Allow Yourself to Be Awakened

Einstein was the one who found that a problem cannot be solved from within the problem, you have to go beyond the problem to receive the solution. That’s what we call, having faith in Spirit. Trust that he’ll take care of it for you.
You cannot wake yourself, but you can allow yourself to be awakened.

If you believe that you are a small identity, a body, a little personality, then how could you possibly believe that you know how to get out of this dream you perceive yourself to be in? You would, more likely, get depressed or suicidal than you would actually have the hope of escaping from the dream. Your best plans have never brought you peace and happiness. When we are finally willing to be instructed and say, Spirit, you show me, you guide me, let me not try to instruct you on the ways to lead me, then we are intuitively diving into the awakening process. As A Course in Miracles says, “Resign now as your own teacher.” (T-12.V.8.) Resign! Hand in your resignation!

Trying to always be in charge is a habit of a mind that believes it is a human being, a mind that believes it is a “doer.” We should call it a human “doing” instead of a human being. When you really cry out for help, with sincerity, Spirit is able to use all kinds of symbols to reach you. You just need the faith and trust to get out of the driver’s seat of believing that you are personally in charge of waking up from this dream.

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