How to Find Love Within

I walk through the doorway within.

I have found an answer so deep that it can bring truth and healing to everyone and to this whole world. I think we have been searching for it everywhere, except in the only place we could truly find it: within. I have come to find a present moment experience that extends all the way to eternity; a “now” that extends peacefully and is forever and ever. It is infinite happiness without end, without limit. It is untouched by fear, guilt, or suffering of any kind. It is untouched by anything but love. I would describe it as always experiencing everything for the very first time. And we all know there can be so much appreciation when experiencing something for the first time, there is no comparison. Because in the ever-unfolding now, we are always brand new. I feel that we are all invited to just bask in this present moment, fully merge with it! There are no past references to it, for it doesn’t fit on the timeline. It’s just a happy sense of soaring way beyond time and space, like an ongoing meditation. I would say that this ever-present miracle of now is our doorway within. It is our doorway Home. It is an experience of something ever-new. It’s a happy feeling, one that makes you want to sing to the world. It’s very beautiful and very simple too. It’s the allowance to merge when you are watching a flower, a butterfly, or a bird singing in the tree; it’s a contentment like, “Ah yes, thank you; let me be whole.”

I think this is what Saint Francis was talking about: just communing. The allowance that everything is perfect. We can really allow ourselves to smell the roses. I feel that it is through the doorway of the present moment that we are truly able to hear the deep messages of love coming from within. They are boundless and eternal, for the voice of the inner guide is always speaking to us of our true identity and of our oneness with everyone and everything. And in order to hear it, we just need to walk through the doorway within and invite this deeply loving guide into our minds and lives. This is the journey of awakening and healing as I see it.

David Hoffmeister


How to Find Love Within

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