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The Principles of A Course in Miracles as Taught and Demonstrated by Modern-Day Mystic, David Hoffmeister

This site aims to accompany you as a true presence that hears your desire to live differently, and encourages you to follow the call of your heart.

Whatever our path of life or our spiritual journey has been, most of us have felt presence before. We’ve called it by different names, such as Love, Self, truth, unity, God, or peace. These words evoke something that reminds us all of the simplicity within our heart. They remind us of the real purpose of our life: to be happy! At every moment, we want to feel happy, connected, and at peace.

How do we live consistently in this experience of happiness? What are the obstacles in the way? What is the meaning of Awakening?

These are questions that you will find the answer to as you continue following this path of your heart. This is the path of undoing the ego, the personal self-concept, that makes us feel small and separate with a will of our own. The ego is the illusion that it is possible to live separately from one’s Source, from God. It is a state of sleep, an unhappy dream that obscures the truth of our oneness and distracts us from the present moment beyond time and space.

Through years of practice and teaching what he would learn, David Hoffmeister has made the path of Awakening very clear for those devoted to inner peace. Since the early 1990s, students of A Course in Miracles have felt drawn to David for his profound love and devotion to truth. Over the years, a community of those who wished to follow his example has organically grown around him. This community has come to be known as the Living Miracles community, and is now comprised of a thriving global internet ministry with centers in the United States, Mexico, and other parts of the world.

This website is the result of students of David’s who felt inspired to translate his teachings into Greek. It is a portal of resources where you can find many of David’s teachings that can help to accelerate your spiritual Awakening.

What is required to remember Love and Unity? Nothing in reality. We do not need to do anything to be Who we already are. This site is therefore an invitation to empty your mind of everything you thought you knew, to recognize the truth of your Being. Welcome!

In Love,
The Living Miracles Community

This Moment is the time of Liberation: to enter into the happy dreams that lead to enlightenment, Love and Light, and eternal peace!

David Hoffmeister

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