ACIM and Sickness as an Impossible Belief

How is illness or sickness an impossible belief?

David Hoffmeister:
Illness, in relation to A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and sickness is an error in thought. All thoughts err which follow the erroneous belief that a body can be ill or well, dead or alive. Death is the belief that separation from God, from the One, from the All, is possible. Illness and death are the same illusion, for each would deny the Totality, the All-inclusiveness, and the eternal Everything that is Life.

ACIM and Sickness as an Impossible Belief

All Life is Spirit, and this world is nothing more than the belief that there can be something other than Spirit. The body is a neutral instrument and cannot in Truth be endowed with the attributes or characteristics of illness or wellness, death or life.

As a false belief, illness/death can only be forgiven or released. Death is not an evil victimizer or a blessing, but instead an impossibility. Seeing this is Joy! There is no death! I have realized that sickness and death were arrogant thoughts, for they would deny the Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence of the Source of All Life. In the Presence of the Source of All Life is only Holiness.

Metaphysicians claim that sickness and death are decisions, but I ask you: “What choice is that?” You are Called to be the Living Proof that there is no death. If anyone could be sick or die, there is no God. Yet if God is Love, there is only Love and nothing but Love. There is no compromise or middle ground to be found in this.

When you turn on a light in a dark room, the dark is no more. The darkness and light do not battle for what outcome will occur—when Light has come there is no darkness. Similarly Life and death, Wellness and illness cannot co-exist. What is Real and what appears to be its opposite cannot both be true if Truth is true and only Truth is true.

In my Heart there is great Happiness and Joy! I see that the belief in illusions was the error that the Spirit has Corrected, and Divine Mind happily has no opposite. And if Correction is indeed a decision, an acceptance of what is really true, what could be more worthy in your mind of your devotion and full attention? For as you think, so shall the world represent that thinking.

Will you hop on the train of thoughts of the world, or observe their nothingness from on high with the angels? Will you sing the dirge of illusions or the happy song of eternal gratitude? Every moment of every day, this is the question the sleeping ones face. Will you cover over the living moment of Life with the past/future business of the world, or surrender to the Life that You are forevermore?

Pain is a wrong-minded perception. Who in their right Mind could see anything but Love? Question everything that appears to be not Love, and what never was will surely disappear from your experience. Empty consciousness of all apparent thoughts of nothingness, and the Everything-ness and All-ness of Being remains!

I love You, Holy One! I rejoice with the angels that Oneness remains ItSelf, far beyond the belief in opposites. For what could come to separate Whom God created as One forever? There is only Love, and duality was but a dream, welcome Now to Mind Awake!

In Gratitude, 
David Hoffmeister

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