The Miracle of Forgiveness: Let Go and Live in Love

Trust is the key to letting go of fear, guilt, and pain through the miracle of forgiveness, and surrendering the worldly “identity” to the Spirit. The Spirit’s Light is the opposite to protecting and defending the body “identity.” Letting go of attachment to externals and placing faith in the Spirit is the key to Enlightenment.

Anger and guilt will shift from scene to scene, place to place, until its source is unveiled and forgiven inside of us. Until there is the miracle of forgiveness, the blame game, finger pointing, and distractions to forget the pain are but follies a deceived mind plays with to stay in denial. Once anger and guilt are seen as unjustified, they can be released forever.

The lures of the world glimmer and tempt toward a “better life” of more status, more money, more power, more recognition, and more sex appeal.

The Miracle of Forgiveness

But once these “gifts” are seen to be fool’s gold, the underlying illusion of the world (ego) is unveiled. As long as one gives faith to the ego, one will seem to be a pawn in the ego’s game and world. When you see the ego exposed, it no longer is attractive. When faith is withdrawn from an illusion, the illusion disappears, much like darkness vanishes with the dawning of Light.

In a world of darkness controlled by time, images and roles shift and change by night as if part of a mad experiment. Everyone seems under the spell of sleep and forgetfulness, just vaguely remembering a distant memory of Light, of Home, though struggling to remember how to get back Home. When the plan of darkness is finally uncovered and exposed, the upside-down world is turned right-side-up and bathed in the light of Innocence in the Present Moment. There is no memory of a past in God. The games of fear and guilt are ended in the Light of True Love.

Holy Child of God, You are a Beautiful Creation of a Loving God. Let not the dreams of the world persuade You that you are unworthy of Love. You are Divine Love ItSelf, and nothing can ever change the Real You: the One Perfect, Infinite, Magnificent, Eternal Love that You shall forever Be!!

Blessings forever and ever.

David Hoffmeister

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