Much Ado about Nothing

Teachings from This Moment Is Your Miracle

Everything that seems to die in this world will live again in you when you recognize who you are. This is where life is! Life isn’t in bodies. Life can’t be snuffed out as easily as that. The ego made up the world of so-called organic and living things where there seem to be cycles of birth and death. It is all part of the fabric of the same dream. When you go through your day feeling that heavy guilt it is like a noose around your neck. When it feels like you can’t get out of the noose, this is just an opportunity to drop down even deeper in and through that sense of meaninglessness.

In the end, it is about experiencing our innocence. That is all it is about—really. You have to give up your religion and you have to give up spirituality too. So many people are talking about the difference between religion and spirituality. That’s not it either. It is all much ado about nothing. In the end, you have to see that the spiritual path that you’ve clung to, and all the techniques you used—it was all about the innocence. It was all about the love. It was all about acceptance. It was all about recognition. It was never about the process.

You would lose the whole world that you see if you opened to Love. You would be engulfed. First, you would weep as you have never wept before because the Love is so intense when you drop the belief that you know anything about anything. Really, this is not a difficult course at all. Let’s be honest. Let’s quit playing the game that this is difficult. Look at the first eight lessons of A Course in Miracles:

Nothing I see means anything; I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me; I do not understand anything I see; These thoughts do not mean anything; I’m never upset for the reason I think; I am upset because I see something that is not there; I see only the past; My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts. (W-1-8)

You can learn this course because it is the most natural thing ever. It has been very unnatural to learn all of this much ado about nothing of the world.

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