Releasing the Belief in “Sin”

Sin was the belief in time. It was a mistake that has been Corrected, a belief in a lack of Love that was properly perceived as a Call for Love. By extending Love you see you have Love and are Love. The human or mortal mind was an error, for it appeared to have forgotten the Reality of Eternal Love and Oneness.

Wrong-mindedness—fear—was a mistaken choice based in the belief that the separation from God actually occurred. Right-mindedness—the miracle—is the choice to overlook the error, seeing its falsity, and to extend the Love that seemed to be lacking.

Sin has been Corrected as Love is extended in place of the error that seemed to be, and Awakening is seeing Love is All that there is, and that Love has no opposite. Such is the remembrance of Divine Mind.

“Sins” are forgiven, for mistakes have already been Corrected. The acceptance of this Correction is the only responsibility related to this world, and this Correction is within. The willingness to accept what is already there is the only requirement. Happily Salvation or Enlightenment is that easy and natural.

Blessings and Love Holy Child of God,
David Hoffmeister

Releasing the Belief in "Sin"

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