The Kingdom of Heaven Is Now!

David Hoffmeister – The only question to be asked is: “Father, what is Your Will for me Now?” Questions about the world are illusory questions, for they both ask and answer on the world’s terms. And what is the world but a dream that Christ could actually leave the Heavenly Eternal Home Which God created One forever?

A question is always a question about identity. Questions about the world are declarations of belief in the world’s reality, and thus they do not leave room for an Answer that is not of this world. Questions about the world are games that go round and round in circles, for questions of form and answers of form lead not into the experience of Eternity. Lay aside such thoughts. They have never served the Real You.

Everyone prays without ceasing, and it is this continuous prayer which reflects the innermost desire of the heart. A prayer is always a prayer about identity. Praying for things or for particular qualities and outcomes is a prayer that the past be “repeated” in a different form which is deemed “more desirable.”

Such is the idol of “more,” and it does not matter “more of what?” Such is the idol of “repeated time,” and it does not matter “how much time?” Time is the attempt to deny Eternity. Yet the Identity of Love is whole and complete and total this very Instant, extending on and on forever.

The prayer for things and particulars does not recognize that the past is over and gone, and that only the Eternal Present remains as Love. Now and forever is the Living Moment of Love Divine.

What if God’s Will is to experience Perfect Happiness Now and forever? If that be the case, then the request to know God’s Will is only the request that the Truth be True. God is All-Loving and All-Knowing and All-Powerful, and certainly Happiness is in and of God. And thus, if you had one wish or prayer or request, would you not ask for the experience of Eternal Happiness? What else would be a worthy prayer to offer from your heart?

The Perfect Happiness of God is Changeless Reality. Not one thought or word or action of the world, not one sight or sound or smell of the world, not one up or down, or in or out of the world means anything in Truth. What is ever-changing is temporary: here one day and gone another. For all the things of time shall pass away, but the Creation of God is Spirit and shall last forever. Time is the illusion of beginnings and endings, yet Spirit is forever.

The Spirit of God is Eternal Happiness. It is “What Is.” So when a question seems to rise up into awareness, or you offer up a prayer to God, be very attentive as to what you ask for. And remember every question is a question about our very identity, as every prayer is a prayer about our very identity.

Am I Spirit, Eternal and Changeless as God created Me? Or am I a body bound by time and space and needs and limits? Prayer, like questioning, is continuous. The end of praying/asking is Self-realization. Certainty of Self has no possibility of doubt. For Certainty is in and of God.

Happiness is Know ThySelf as God created ThySelf. All Glory to God for Eternal Happiness. Whisper to yourself right now: “I am the Living Christ.” The Truth is Divinely Simple, for such is Oneness.

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