The Real Relationship

Social class, status, and many different things seem to be common ground in terms of the world. These are all ingredients in the world‘s view which go into the making of a good relationship. Yet we come full circle to the point that you began with, that you don‘t know real relationship. And the reason you don‘t know real relationship is because what the world calls relationship is not real relationship at all. Being false, it is a farce. It appears to hold out the promises of happiness and harmony. The ideal to live happily ever after in a particular form is illusory, and as one goes through experiences of this world the ideal seems to be shattered over and over and over again. The illusory form never lasts, for what was made temporal can never be eternal. There is no substitute for the eternal Love of God.

The deceived mind looks to form, to the past, to fill the void it feels. The deceived mind has denied the perfection of this very instant, and attempts to change the form until it finds the ideal, the perfect form of happiness. This is looking for Love where It can never be found. This is looking for eternity in time-space. Yet time can never take the place of eternity, nor can the finite replace the Infinite. And concepts of self can never take the place of the Self God created One forever as Spirit.

The Real Relationship

Excerpt from David Hoffmeister‘s book Awakening through A Course in Miracles

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