What Is the Holy Spirit

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What Is the Holy Spirit and How Can I Hear His Voice?

The Holy Spirit can be referred to as the still, small voice within the mind or the intuition that guides us. It’s like a presence that we can sense whenever we get still enough to tune in and listen inwardly.

You need the Holy Spirit’s help to see things as they are, to see clearly without projection, judgment, and interpretation. As soon as the ego judges somebody else as lacking, it always compares and tells you, “Well, you are not that way; you are beyond that.” This promotes inequality, division, and separation. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to start cleaning the filter you are seeing through because that is the only hope you have of truly not judging. Once you tap into that help, it is delightful. Every moment without a filter is delightful. But if there is a concept or a judgment involved, then it is better to just pause, introspect, and become aware of what that filter is. You can cultivate a willingness to question every value and every concept you hold. When you catch yourself judging or thinking that you know something, I advise you to exercise what I call, “stop, drop, and roll.” You first pause your running thoughts and your reactions; you stop! And second, you exercise your willingness to drop it. And third, you roll with the Spirit’s guidance. When your filter starts clearing.

What Is the Holy Spirit

When your filter starts clearing and the more intuitive and less judging you become, the more you reap the emotional benefits. You can tell by how you feel: you’re more stable, you’re calmer, and this is how you know you’re headed in the right direction. This develops into acceptance and a receptive mind, an open mind, a mind that doesn’t “already know.” Then the miracle within can happen.

The world encourages opinions; that’s normal, but opinions block the experience of peace. Opinions do not have anything to do with truth or reality. The “I-don’t-know” state is humble.

In the Zen tradition, it is called beginner’s mind. It is a great experience to wake up every day and feel like you don’t know anything. It’s a beautiful feeling to not have an opinion but to be open to being shown.

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